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Project HEAL

Healthcare Enhancement for Active Living

Project H.E.A.L. entails movable or permanent infrastructure, interventions such as Building Augmentation/Repairs, creation of Special Wards, toilets, donation of medical equipment like Ventilators, COVID Vaccine Refrigerators, Oxygen Line Systems, Oxygen Concentrators, Ambulances, Hospital Beds, etc.

H.E.A.L is focused especially on Medical Infrastructure Creation, Projects focusing on Government and Govt aided Hospitals and Charitable Trust Hospitals/ Institutions. Project H.E.A.L entails movable or permanent Infrastructure intervention such as Building Augmentation/Repairs, Creation of Special Wards, Toilets, Donation of Medical Equipment like Ventilators, Covid Vaccine Refrigerators, Oxygen Line Systems, Oxygen Concentrators, Ambulance, and Hospital Beds, etc.

Under Project HEAL, we have executed 20 projects, with an outlay of over INR 55 Crores till July 2021.

Some projects under HEAL:

  • Second Line Healthcare Centre, Ernakulam
  • New ICU Wing, Pune
  • Renovation of Mother & Child Care Ward, Ranchi
  • Hospital Extension with ICU Unit, Mirzapur
  • Hospital Extension with ICU & OT, Ahmedabad
  • Renovation of 12 Bed Post Delivery Care Ward, Jodhpur
  • Renovation of 20 Bed Post ICU Ward, Bikaner
  • Renovation of Ward at Osmania Hospital with Cognizant, Hyderabad

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