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Directory Book:

Informative and exhaustive RTI Directory is printed every year and circulated to all Tablers. All Tablers data are compiled Table wise, photographs of most of the Tablers are included in their profile.

Mass Mailing:

All Mailers related to a specific area or nation are sent through the Secretariat.
All Area related mailers are sent with approval from Area Chairmen
All National related mailers are sent with approval from National Secretariat Convenor

Since there is a limitation in the mailing server, we have provided a policy for the usage of the Secretariat mailing system by all Tables across Round Table India.

  • Mailers to all Tablers can be sent only once by any Table to promote a specific Table level Initiative or event.
  • Mailers can be sent to Area Chairmen, Table Chairmen or National Board Members any number of times.
  • Mailers which do not have a specific timing will be sent on a first-come-first-served basis.

Mass SMS:

Mass SMS are sent using a dedicated SMS server. All types of listings (Area wise) are uploaded on the SMS server for sending SMS Area wise/Table wise/Portfolio wise etc… Birthday greetings are sent everyday to the respective Tablers, respective Table Chairmen and NEX using the SMS facility.


Website date will be the basis for Directory information.

Website is the communication hub and is member driven. All members can very easily login using their own email id given in our RTI directory. In case they don’t remember the password, they can very easily get password by clicking on the “Forgot password” link in the Login screen by which an automated email goes to the Tabler with their username and password. If the email id isn’t working, they can send us a request by clicking on the “Forgot email id” link in the Login screen and our website administrator will do the needful.

At anytime, the members can change their email id, password, address, photo, phone nos and many other RTI directory-related details very easily on the website keeping the directory information accurate. The member data can be updated using “Profile” button after logging in.

Membership Reports:

All Reports related to membership are generated in our database with readymade information and the same is also circulated to the respective Tabler as and when required, on getting approvals from the respective Area Chairman.


Table Talk Magazine (3 issues), Directory, Annual Reports etc.. are despatched from Secretariat to all Tablers.

New Member Kit:

NM kits are despatched on receipt of the prospective Tabler’s details along with age proof. Tablers details have to be duly filled in the New Member Form. The New Member form can be downloaded under Download section.

C Form Dues:

For the Active members of Tables as on 30th June, Tables are paying the following C Form remittances to Round Table India.

  • Membership fee at Rs 3100/- per member
  • Table Talk Levy of Rs 200/- per member
  • National AGM Levy of Rs 10000/- per table
  • Staff Welfare Fund levy of Rs 100/- per table
  • President’s Emergency Fund of Rs 100/- per table
  • Peacock Award Levy of Rs 100/- per table (for Chartered Tables only)
  • Past Member Travel Fund Levy of Rs 200/- per table
  • For more details contact
    National Secretariat Convenor
    Tr. Aswin Chander (RT 94)
    Email : aswin@rti.in
    Bob Chandran Centre,
    Round Table House,
    2nd Floor, Old No.69, New No.80 Nungambakkam High Road,
    Chennai – 600 034, India.
    Tel: +91-44-2827 5760, 2826 3862
    E-mail: admin@roundtableindia.org

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