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The Round Table is an international organisation that was founded in 1927, in Norwich, England. It was founded by Louis Marchesi who was then a young member of Norwich Rotary Club. In one year of its formation the number of members increased to 85 and plans began to establish the Round Table in other places. The second Round Table was established in Portsmouth. Subsequently more Tables were established with the first overseas Table formed in Copenhagen in 1936. Now there are more than 200 Tables in 76 cities and towns with 43,000 members across 52 countries.

RTI is a non-political non-religious association of young men, community leaders and professionals aged between 18 and 40. They are called “Tablers”. This worldwide friendship organisation is a network of highly inspired individuals who believe in community service through fellowship of members. The organisation in itself is very dynamic, young and active. There are tens of thousands of Tablers in 50 plus countries. Members come from different communities and professions and are committed to their membership. They are businessmen, entrepreneurs, technocrats, and professionals – Men who can rise above personal concerns to seek and serve the larger needs of the community. Their main aim is to promote service, fellowship and goodwill in national and international affairs.

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