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President’s message

Dear Fellow Tablers !!!!

Greetings from National President Round Table India!!

Now that we have the fun part behind us let’s start figuring out how exactly we are going to Break Free !!!!

We put on our thinking caps at the NEXT at Ranchi, the NEX at Hyderabad and the frequent one-to-one and group discussions in between. With the agenda clear it is time we started firing on all cylinders and BREAK FREE from the mental shackles that stop us from living Our Dream!!!

Round Table India has grown from strength to strength under the excellent guidance of many a great Tabler, Tablers who have been our friends…our mentors and our guides. Now it is time to take the next step, a step which will push us into the unknown, a step that will push us to our limits to achieve the unthinkable, a step that will take Round Table India to a greater high because we are free, free to put our thoughts into action.

My Dear Friends!! The 55th National Board, seek your support to initiate new generation projects like Suryajyoti and Project Skill India. This is a New Road to lead us to new Destinations!! and we will need the strength and support of the entire RTI family to Travel this journey.

There are no rules, no boundaries just the vision to see Round Table India at a position so high that the whole world strives to become a TABLER!!!!

So GET SET GO team….the finish line is right in front of you!!!

And remember….the light will always be on you!!!!

Your Theme for the Year 2016-17


Your Friend in Tabling !!!

Manpreet Singh ‘Raja’
National President
Round Table India

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