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Date and Month Year Milestones
14th November 1957 First Round Table inaugurated in Madras
5th May 1962 National Association of Round Tables of India. Inaugurated by Dick Miller, President WOCO
  1973 National Emblem of Round Table India with Ashoka Chakra adopted
  1973 First RT India Handbook brought out
September 1974 Deepak Banker of RT-1 elected President of WOCO
September 1976 Round Table India song composed by Dipak Shah (RT 6) Adopted as the WOCO song at Hamburg.
  1977 First Round Table Secretariat formed in Bombay
August 1979 Formation of the first five Areas in Round Table India.
September 1979 R.Jagadish Chandran of RT-9 elected President of WOCO
April 1980 Round Table Foundation formed.
September 1981 S.S.Oberoi of RT 12 elected Regional Officer of WOCO for Asia Pacific Region
  1981 Round Table Secretariat moves to Madras
September 1983 First WOCO in India held in Bombay
December 1984 Round Table House officially opened
February 1986 ATSUMARI held in Madras. D.Sudhakar Reddy of RT 1 Elected Regional Officer of WOCO for Asia Pacific Region Inauguration of Round Table Secretariat at Bob Chandran Centre in Round Table House by WOCO President, Fred Simpson.
December 1986 25th RTI AGM held in Calcutta.
March 1988 ATSUMARI held in Calcutta.
August 1989 R.Chander Shekhar of RT 50 elected President of WOCO
October 1989 Inauguration of Area VI.
November 1989 First RTI External Extension Program Katmandu RT by MERT-30.
January 1990 1st Peacock Mass Tour organized by Round Table India
March 1990 Round Table India -100 Clubs strong
October 1993 Inauguration of Area-VII
October 1993 Tr.T.Ramakrishnan (RT 1) elected President of RT International.
March 1994 Extension to Sri Lanka by MMRT 3
  1994 Tr.Suresh Hari won the ‘Golden Peacock Award’ for the best delegate at Atsumari- Singapore
September 1996 Tr.V.V.S.Ravi of RT-86 takes over as ASPAC Regional Chairman.
October 1997 Extension to Dubai by MMRT 3
December 1997 Round Table India launches long term National Project ” FREEDOM THROUGH EDUCATION”
September 1998 Tr. V.Jawahar of RT-33 takes over as ASPAC Regional Chairman.
August 1999 RT India Charters RT Nepal
August 1999 RTI Donates Rs.51 Lakhs for Kargil war veterans
October 1999 Flood Relief in Orissa – Operation Sadbhavana
December 1999 Millennium Banquet – 30 Past Presidents participated – Tr.Bob honoured as “Tabler of the Century”
July 2000 Dutch India Twinning Program launched with RT Netherlands
September 2000 Tr.Vagish Dixit takes over as General Secretary, WOCO
June 2001 Over Rs. 2 Crores collected towards Gujarat Earthquake Relief to build schools
Septmber 2001 Inauguration of Area VIII, IX and X
February 2002 Tr.Ilango takes over as Chairman, PACART Region.
June 2003 RT India Charters Dhaka Round Table
August 2003 Tr.Jayakumar Ramdass takes over as Chairman, PACART Region.
February 2004 Tr.Ilango takes over as Chairman, ASPAC Region.
April 2004 RT India Charters Makati Round Table
November 2004 RT India Charters Dubai Anchorage, Round Table
January 2005 RTI biggest project Operation Tsunami
August 2005 Tr.Girish takes over as Chairman, PACART Region
September 2006 Tr.Ravi Khanna Elected as VP, RT International
June 2006 RT India charters Singapore RT 1 / Dhaka Capital RT2 / Bangkok RT 1
November 2006 RT India Celebrates 50 Glorious Years of Service Through Fellowship.
  2006 FTE Plus Lauched
July 2007 Operation Tsunami Commemorative Ceremony.
September 2007 Tr.Shivkumar Eashwaran takes over as Chairman, Asia Pacific Region and Treasurer, RT International.
September 2008 Tr.Ajay Handa takes over as Chairman, Asia Pacific Region and Treasurer, RT International
  2009-10 Launch of the Little Genius Club for Twinklers
  2009-10 Long Term Corporate Tie up with P&G
  2010-11 2010-11 – A Corporate tie up with INIFINTY
  2011-12 2011-12 – RTI reaches a landmark 3000 tablers for the first time.
September 2011 Tr.Vivek Vardhan Prasad takes over as the Chairman, Asia Pacific Region & Treasurer, RT International
April 2010 MOU established with Procter & Gamble
July/August 2011 RTI Trust launches Golden Jubilee Scheme
September 2012 Hosted Round Table International World Meet in Hyderabad, “Wah India”
  2013 Round Table India Chartered 15 Tables & 1 Inauguration under Presidentship of Tr.Vineet Parikh
  2013 Round Table India Chartered Singapore RT 1 and Singapore Knights RT 2
  2013 Round Table India Chartered Srilanka RT 6
  2013 Tr Vineet Parikh takes over as the Chairman of WoCo Foundation and Tr Tushar Agarwal as the Secretary
  2014 Tr.Harish Shenoy takes over as the Chariman Asia Pacific Region & Treasurer, RT Internation
  2014 MSRT 39 was awarded as the Best Round Table Club of the year
  2014-15 Round Table India & Coca Cola, Atlanta have a long term tie-up for their program Support My School.
  2014-15 Round Table India Chartered 15 Tables & Inaugurated 10 Tables, a total of 25 new Tables under Tr. Deepak Manu Menda, President, RT India Total of 806 inductions happen across the country in one tabling year.
  2014-15 Round Table India awarded the “Best Association” by Round Table International
  2014-15 Round Table India Re-organises its Areas. Area 12, 13 & 14 are born.
  2014-15 Round Table India to have a joint AGM & COB from September 2016 onwards.
  2015-16 Tr Vineet Parikh & Tr.Tushar Agarwal re-elected as the Chairman & the Secretary of WOCO Foundation.
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